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Winter's coming!

Now that the summer irrigation season is rapidly winding down, it's time to have your system winterized. When water freezes, it expands. If your irrigation system is not properly winterized, the expanding ice will rupture your underground pipes and crack your sprinkler heads. Repairing winter damage is expensive. To ensure that the winterization is performed properly, call the professionals at

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and we'll make sure you won't have any expensive surprises when you turn on your system next spring.

Check out our prices:
  • 1-3 zones: $50
  • 4-6 zones: $65
  • 7-8 zones: $70
  • 9-11 zones: $75
  • 12-14 zones: $85
  • 15 & up: $8 per zone
  • Lake feed system: $150
  • Remember, discounts are given when your winterization is scheduled with a neighbor's job. So it pays to talk with your neighbors before contacting us.

    Payment is due the day of service

    To schedule your winterization project, simply give us a call at 651-437-3701 or send us an e-mail. To help keep costs as low as possible, we'll schedule your project when our winterization crew is working in your town.

    At Northland, our goal is to provide topnotch service at very competitive prices. Give us a call today and you won't have to worry about whether your irrigation system will survive the bitter winter winds untouched.

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